Beauty is in the Brilliance

Renowned for creating elegant and timeless diamond jewelry, as well as providing superb customer service, the company has been family operated for generations. Currently managed in their U.S. office by Jeffrey Link and Douglas Sills, A. Link continues to supply the finest jewelry retailers worldwide.

Dali Diamond, a Diamond Trading Company sight-holder since 1967, manufactures diamonds in compliance with the highest professional and ethical standards. In 2003, after 15 years of supplying 60/60 diamonds to A. Link, Dali Diamond was proud to announce a full and comprehensive partnership with A. Link.

America’s finest retail jewelry stores purchase their diamond jewelry from A. LINK because we have sold, for the past hundred years, the same “made” diamonds. Whether manufactured by hand or machine, fabricated in Belgium, Russia, South Africa or anywhere else in the world, these round brilliant cut stones have all been selected primarily for their consistency.


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