Creating Jewelry of your Dreams

Classically distinctive, Gurhan jewelry is known for its combination of individuality and enduring elegance. Simple, timeless style characterizes the designs, while a legacy of centuries is embodied in the craftsmanship.

The Gurhan Collections in 24 karat gold are renowned for embodying clean, classic lines in the warm, rich hue of the pure metal. The jewelry may also incorporate the contrast of platinum or the luster of precious stones, diamonds or pearls.

Gurhan has revived and perfected the original metalsmithing techniques born over 7,000 years ago. His mission is to perpetuate this legacy in the form of timeless designs with a distinctive edge. Passion for fine craftsmanship is reflected in the hand-hewn quality of the jewelry and in the fact that every aspect of it is created within his workshop by Gurhan himself and his school of apprentices. Gurhan seeks only apprentices with no previous jewelry training, in order to be able to pass on to them the ancient techniques without modern influences.


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